Cash Bonus on Deposit

Cash Bonus on Deposit

Get a chance to win 100% on your first deposit every day! Cash rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Earn lucky draw opportunities up to 13 times a day through daily deposits.The more amounts you deposit, the more chances you get to win. Cash rewards can be withdrawn at any time and benefits would be doubled.

Join IEXS now to win up to $5000 cash reward

During the activity period, customers will have a chance to win a prize after their first deposit every day, and a minimum deposit of $200 per day will get a lucky draw chance. The higher the deposit amount, the more times you can draw and the higher your chances of winning a prize.

As an industry leader, IEXS provides customers with a customized full-service trading experience. Every transaction and deposit you make will earn your exclusive rewards. In addition, we offer a range of technical support, including compound interest and fund managementYou can experience a VIP trading experience from the moment you choose IEXS.

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