IEXS won the “Best Financial Broker”

IEXS won the “Best Financial Broker”

In July 2023, IEXS won the industry authoritative award – “Best Financial Broker”, once again proving its strength to the industry.

IEXS was invited to participate in WikiEXPO Asia Finance Expo-Thailand Station and presented awards. This event promotes knowledge sharing in the industry by regularly holding industry exhibitions around the world, establishes a relatively safe investment environment for investors, and increases industry vitality. The award aims to recognize outstanding brands or companies in the industry. The award-winning companies are independently nominated by global real customers and industry trading users through an open voting process to ensure fairness.

Demonstrating its popularity among clients through competitive trading technology and first-class customer service, we emerged as one of the winning brands in this nomination, successfully winning the title of “Best Financial Broker” of the year.

We have been recognized and rewarded by authoritative organizations for 4 consecutive years. Previously, we have won awards including “Asia’s Best Forex Financial Technology Broker”, “Asia’s Best Virtual Currency Exchange Award”, “European Trader Leap Progress Award”, “Best Account Management Broker”, “Europe’s Best Fintech Broker” and many other nominations for international awards. As a global high-quality CFD broker, IEXS Yingshi Securities is constantly accelerating in the process of globalization. It not only collects many honors and awards, but also demonstrates the unique style of an excellent broker to global investors, which is enough It proves that it has achieved quite dazzling results in the world.

In 2023, IEXS promotes the global layout, prefers Asia, attaches great importance to the Asian market, and has launched many activities and policies suitable for Asian customers to develop the market. It has also achieved good results and has been recognized by more and more investors. Trust, the increasing brand influence of IEXS in the world, IEXS can become the preferred partner of investors in Asia, which is inseparable from professional ability, market insight and customer-oriented service concept, and continues to promote the company’s growth and development .

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