VIP Growth System V1.0 Online

VIP Growth System V1.0 Online

We have fully launched the VIP Growth System V1.0 for our Clients, all member can participate in our different types of online activities and lucky draws. Bonus prizes up to $1 million

IEXS firmly believes that trading experience is an important factor for customers to choose a broker. In order to match the transaction needs of users, reduce transaction costs, and improve user experience, IEXS Yingshi Securities has specially launched a membership growth system, focusing on creating a user reward system with superior conditions and a butler-style service experience

Promotion range: All IEXS clients
Promotion content: Join IEXS, access the top-tier trading experience in the world.
Enjoy benefits include trading bonus, birthday treat and monthly rewards.

  1. The promotion start from 18th March, 2021.
  2. This promotion are aim to rebate all our clients here in IEXS. We sincerely invite all clients to participate.
  3. The VIP growth system will be live from 18th March, 2021. Reward points obtained from trading activity since 28th January 2021 will be automatically transferred to new system. The points will be used to calculate for VIP tiers and member benefit.
  4. IEXS member tiers: Standard Membership. Silver Membership, Gold Membership, Platinum Membership and Diamond Membership.
  5. Members’ benefit include but not limit to access for special promotion, reward points redemption, exclusive online customer service, IEXS Extra, new client invitation bonus, upgrade gift pack, VPS privilege, reward points bonus, luxury gift and withdrawal priority.

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