Fund Management


Flexible allocation of risk ratios
Policy security and privacy protection
Flexible selection of income cycle settlement
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Risk and Profit

A variety of distribution models make the allocation of funds more rational.

Easy to Use

X-PAMM only sets up two kinds of accounts, simplifies the system and facilitates the use.

Customer Support

Our customer support team operated 24/5 to answer any questions you may have.

Mature Trade Plan

Customized investment plan. Two-way profit-making scheme, trading profit and investment profit

Free Customer Support
Accompanied by professional institutions
Strong Brand

Accompanied by professional institutions

Learn and make money

Learn professional financial knowledge from successful administrators.

Rationalize adjustment rules

Negotiable distribution rules, customizable transaction cycle.
Meet money management needs
Powerful System

Meet money management needs

Innovative Product

Independently Developed Fund Allocation Management System

Percentage Allocation Management Module

Top liquidity provider
A comprehensive risk control system
Up to 5 million EUR investor insurance
Customer Service

Project Investors

By entrusting funds to managers and selecting risk and profit distribution based on one’s own preferences, the goal of fund growth is achieved

Account Administrator

The account administrator has the authority to operate and manage the account, but does not have any autonomous access to funds.

Project Initiator

The initiator of the project is the IEXS partner who initiated the X-PAMM project and requires the appointment of an administrator and investor.